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Below you can find the description abut services that we provide. It will give you a brief explanation how we work and what can do for you.

Painting & Decorating

We know how important is the final look. Thanks to our company we will paint and decorate your home according to your dreams and plans. We can also give some professional tips and advices to choose the most fashionable styles. Our painting will survive many years and can be easily cleaned.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are very specific locations at our homes because they must be always clean. Let us change it for you that keeping cleaning will be much more easier and the final look will surprise your friends! Comfortable and good looking kitchens or bathrooms will be always waiting when you come back from work.


Are you tired of your old looking stuff? Do not buy new one, which are very often more likely to break down. Our company will help you refurbish your old house or loft that it will look modern but in the same time with soul! We have done many services like this and very often the final look was so amazing that people wanted to buy old than new one and give us to refurbish them!

Loft Conversions

This is one of the best way to change your typical home into incredibly fashionable place to live. Loft conversions is now one of the most popular services provided in United Kingdom because people want more space and original looking at the same time. With Build 24 you will never want to leave your loft!

House Extensions

If you feel that you need more space or maybe your family are going to be bigger, you should think about extending your house. With very low costs Build24 will help you organise more free room for you and your family and at the same time will try to make the whole building as much pretty as possible. Do not hesitate because even if human beings live in groups, each of us needs some privacy.


Roof is one of the most important thing of your home because it protects you from rain, snow etc. Because of this roofing should be made by professional specialist whose Build24 of course has. This is really a very serious and responsible job and should not be done by people without particular knowledge. Thanks to our experience roofing will go smoothly and we will help you safe a lot of money.


We provide solid carpentry services with professional designs and skilled workers. Build 24 will help you with fitted wardrobes, replacing the doors or custom-made bookcases which will be a beautiful furniture at your house. Carpentry has a long tradition in our live and is always provided with focusing on every detail.


Build 24 provides full range of high quality plastering and rendering works for exterior and interior of your building. We can offer also decorating plastering which gives your home much better look. As one of most important services we have qualified employees whose plastering can be ensured by any specialists.


We offer the right plumbing services for your budget and for your home. Installing showers, heaters or dishwashers are very popular in our company so wherever you want to have water (cold or hot) let us know and our well qualified employees will make your dreams come true. We can give you our guarantee that services that we provide will keep your home dry and without bad looking devices.

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